Community access

About Community Access

Key points on this page:

  • Support Workers assist children and young people to build skills and confidence.

About the service

Support Workers facilitate Community Access to assist a child or young person to achieve a range of social skills and abilities. 

These supports can include going to a local park, family outings, one to one outings with a Support Worker or participation in group or mainstream activities. 

How it works

Community Access activities, and the supports provided around these, are determined by the goals in the NDIS plan. The aim of all Community Access is to assist the child or young person to build social skills, to become more involved, and to participate more independently in the community.

Using the service

We can help support children and young people who have NDIS Plans where Community Access is Self-Managed or Plan Managed. 

For more information on our Community Access Support, or to arrange the service, please call us on 0451 262 865.

Frequently asked questions

Do all NDIS plans have Community Access?

As with all aspects of a child or young person’s NDIS plan, Community Access is funded if the threshold of Reasonable and Necessary is met. That is, if there is a substantiated need.  The amount of funding for Community Access will depend on individual circumstance and need.

What qualifications and experience do Brighter Connections Support Workers have?

Support Workers at Brighter Connections have a range of qualifications and life experiences that allow them to understand and meet the needs of children, young people and their families.  Support Workers are matched with families according to the skills and experience of the worker and needs of the family.

What does my Support Worker do when I am on Community Access?

Support Workers assist children and young people to build skills and confidence, which will allow them to develop independence, in social and community settings and activities.  The level of support will vary depending on the needs of the child or young person. This support can range from specific modelling of and assisting with tasks, through to observing the child or young person and giving prompts.

What type of Community Access can I participate in with my Support Worker?

Community Access activities can include but are not limited to going to a local park, to the cinemas, having a meal out, meeting up with friends, or attending a club or group activity.  Community Access is aimed at allowing skill development, and the pursuit of interests and friendships.