Speech & language pathology

About Speech & language pathology

Key points on this page:

  • Speech and Language Pathologists can come to your home or any place in the community that you choose.

About the service

Brighter Connections will commence offering a flexible, mobile Paediatric Speech and Language Pathology Service in early 2021. 

Our Speech and Language Pathologists will work with the family, child and young person to build capacity for successful communication using both expressive and receptive language systems.

How it works

Our highly skilled and experienced Speech and Language Pathologists work with children, young people, and their families on a regular basis under the guidance of the family. 

They will have the children or young people practice skills and strategies while also educating parents on how to implement these skills and strategies in communicating and eating.

Using the service

Speech and Language Pathology is not specifically listed in NDIS plans. We can help support children and young people who have NDIS Plans where Capacity Building is Self-Managed or Plan Managed. 

To join the waitlist please call us on 0451 262 865.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use funding for Speech and Language Pathology flexibly?

Yes, the funds in the plan can be used flexibly, as long as they are being used to achieve the goal. Funding for Speech and Language Pathology comes out of the Capacity Building budget in your NDIS plan.  It is not actually the Speech and Language Pathology that is funded in the plan but any support that will help you achieve the goal. 

Can I use an Allied Health Assistant to save money?

Allied Health Assistants are funded from the same part of the NDIS Plan as Occupational Therapy.  You receive approximately 3.5 hours of Allied Health Assistant support for 1 hour of Speech and Language Pathology.  Allied Health Assistants must work under the direction of a qualified registered professional, receive ongoing supervision and report back on progress toward goal attainment.

Can Speech and Language Pathologists come out to my home?

Yes – Our Speech and Language Pathology service is a mobile service which means the Speech and Language Pathologists can come to your home or any place in the community that you choose.  This could include meeting you and your child or young person at a social group and assisting the child to communicate with friends or people their own age.

Do Speech and Language Pathologists prescribe equipment?

NDIS plans include funding for Speech and Language Pathologists to trial and prescribe equipment. This process includes completing an Assistive Technology Form for the NDIS which outlines the justification for the equipment as well as the cost of that equipment. Once an Speech and Language Pathologist has prescribed a piece of equipment the plan will be reviewed and updated to include the cost.